Prepare Your Taxes by Remote

1. Create PDFs of your documents
2. Upload Documents
3. Pay Online
4. Return signed pdfs of e-file authorizations

OR FAX YOUR DOCS TO 800-224-8308

Gathering Your Documents
Here are some tax documents that are readily available to you in pdf:
1098 Mortgage interest statement
1099B Brokerage statements
1098-T Tuition Statement
1098-E Student Loan Interest

To create a PDF of a tax form, I recommend using your phone and a free app called Cam Scanner. This app will create a pdf of any paper document and is available for IPhone and Android.

Use Cam Scanner (or the app of your choice) to create PDFs of your W-2s, 1099s and whatever other forms you may have.

Once you have all of your PDFs
Upload to my SECURE SERVER

Paying for Your Return
Once your return is prepared I will email you an invoice via Square. Please make your payment online instead of mailing a check.

Return E-file Authorizations
I will send you a PDF of your return. From the return you will need to sign the e-file authorization pages and return them as PDFs.

For your personal return, the IRS E-file Authorization page is Form 8879.
Colorado is Form DR 8453.

Once you return the e-file authorization pages, I will submit your return.