Today Is the Official Start of Tax Season – Book Your Appointment Now With Schwartz Tax Services and Have Your Taxes Done Right!

If you’ve never had your taxes prepared by a professional, you may want to consider doing so. With the tax code being so complex and tax laws constantly changing, it’s wise to have a tax pro such as Richard Schwartz prepare your taxes for you. You are not just paying to have your taxes done, you’re paying for advice and direction.

At Schwartz Tax you will be educated on what’s allowable as a deduction and also how to structure your activities to minimize your tax exposure. You will be asked pertinent questions in order to get a clear understanding of what you do and how you do it, so that every legitimate deduction may be taken.

Many people purchase tax software for seemingly straightforward returns. In reality, those simple returns could be loaded with landmines. Common life events such as the birth of a child, a home purchase, or education expenses can lead to complications even the best software can’t handle. This can be confusing and difficult for the average taxpayer.

By placing your tax return in the hands of a professional you may actually end up paying less — or receiving more — than you originally thought. Often times the fee you pay is recovered many times over by deductions and credits found by a professional that you might otherwise miss.

Let Schwartz Tax give you the sophisticated advice and direction you need to make filing your taxes stress-free. We’ll focus not only on your current tax return, but also on how you can reduce your 2013 taxes. You can’t successfully play the tax game if you don’t know all the rules!